How You Can Help JLP’s Financial Situation

So far this year, we’ve received financial contributions from 42 families and individuals. Four of those were visitors, so for practical purposes, JLP’s giving “base” consists of 38 individuals or families. If each of those givers would increase their giving by just 8%, it would close our funding gap.

How would that work out? Here’s an example.

The majority of our givers contribute between about $200 and $350 per month. Some are able to give more, of course, while others can’t give that much. But suppose you were somewhere in that middle group, and gave $250/month. Could you increase your giving by 8%, or $20/month? In other words, could you increase your giving by an extra $5/week? If the people who already give to the church did so, it would close our gap.

Maybe you can’t do that. But if, instead, you could increase your giving by even $3/week, that would help us reduce our burn rate. Instead of 10 months, we might be able to stretch our savings to 18 months or 2 years.

A lot can change in that time. Every extra month gives us more time to aggressively pursue our revitalization efforts and for those efforts to begin having an impact.

The same arithmetic applies for people who haven’t been able to support JLP in the past. We aren’t asking you to carry the whole church on your back. But your gifts could make the difference: between a high burn rate and a low one, or maybe even between “not quite solvent” and “actually solvent.”

If you have been a supporter of JLP, please prayerfully consider increasing your giving, so we have more time to pursue revitalization. And if you haven’t been a supporter, I’d like to invite you to begin. Thank you!


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