Racial Healing in America

Skin in the Game: A candid conversation between Pastor Andy Stanley and two African American friends.

John Ortberg at Menlo Church: The Darkness Has Not Overcome It.

In moving speech, GOP Sen. Tim Scott Describes Being Racially Profiled.

Leon Wolf, a writer for Red State(!): The Uncomfortable Reason Why It Came To This In Dallas Yesterday:

…a huge, overwhelming segment of America does not really give a damn what cops do in the course of maintaining order because they assume (probably correctly) that abuse at the hands of police will never happen to them. As long as the cops keep people away from my door, they have my blessing handling “the thugs” in whatever way they see fit.

And, perhaps related, in the Alaska Dispatch News: Report: US spending on prisons grew at 3 times rate of school spending. Spending is not a great measure (is it a cause or an effect? what does the money pay for? after the growth is factored in, what is the actual amount of spending?) … but this is a provocative finding nevertheless.

UPDATE: I learned in my email about the following event this weekend:

A unity march for Anchorage will take place this Saturday, July 16 starting at 10 am. The march will originate at either Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (855 E 20th) or the Fairview Community Recreation Center (1121 E. 10th), and will link with Greater Friendship Baptist Church and other churches along the way, ending up at the Martin Luther King Memorial on the park strip. The event should conclude around 1 pm. This will be a peaceful event. Municipal permits are being requested. City leaders and the chief of police are being invited. All signs and posters will carry only positive messages.

This is a chance to show unity with all the citizens of Anchorage. I will be working at the Food Bank this Saturday, but I encourage members of our congregation to march with our brothers and sisters in Christ this Saturday. Please pray and consider your participation.


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