Retail and the Future Church

Carey Nieuwhof says the decline of the retail sales industry suggests some things about the future of the Church. For example:

Get your most engaged, thoughtful and intuitive people on guest services. Find people who can help people take their first step or their next step. Recruit people who realize what’s at stake when anyone walks in the door and who can custom tailor an experience that helps them find what they’re looking for in a style and at a pace that suits them.

Our guest services team at Connexus Church brings umbrellas into the parking lot and escorts people from their cars on rainy days. On snowy days, sometimes they’ll clean people’s windshields of snow before church lets out.

Read the whole thing. Church isn’t retail, but in both cases, you’re trying to address a person’s need. (In the case of the church, the need is, ultimately, Jesus.) How do people experience their need for a Savior? How can the Church address that? What do you think?


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