Religion News for December 18

Like a lot of their parents: Many Millennials see Christmas as more cultural than religious holiday

The Real Face of Jesus based on forensic science. They think he was about 5’1″ in height, too. That makes me wonder how tall Zacchaeus was.

Is this the right question? How should the minister dress on Sunday morning?

Does your church need to die in order to live? “I don’t mean change the style of music. I mean something deeper. … Dissolve the membership, all leaders and staff resign, including you, deconstruct the whole apparatus in a carefully planned, fully explained, non-panicky, humble, joyfully expectant demolition of the institution, and begin again. A new name for the church, a new logo, a new mission statement…”

Seth Godin wrote that “Quitting slowly doesn’t serve you well,” and John Vest considers what that means in the church: Ending Gracefully. “the transition from existing forms of mainline Protestantism to emerging forms—which will involve the end of some of the previous forms—should also happen quicker than it is. Are we acting things out while agonizing over decisions? Are we letting ourselves become unuseful or irrelevant so that the end is easier?”


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