Rainer Trifecta

Church planting is all the rage these days. What about church revitalization? What hope is there for older, established, plateaued or declining churches?

Thom Rainer’s leadership blog has had three provocative posts that touch on these questions:

Transitioning a Senior Adult Church to One Who Reaches all Generations:

Churches who are reaching young adults have seniors who are intentionally making relationships with younger Christians.

If you expect young families to come to your church, your children’s area needs to be ready before they come.

Unfortunately, when faced with a life or death choice, most churches end up choosing death over change and life.

Why Pastors Are Afraid of Revitalization:

Substantive changes in a church typically don’t take hold until a pastor has been at a church for 4-5 years.

The most common way to face reality in a church is to look at a 10-year attendance pattern.

Why Some Churches Choose to Die:

They refuse to face reality.

They are confusing non-negotiables with negotiables.


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