Deck Chairs

From the HMS Titanic’s Deck Chair Department, we have two seemingly unrelated articles.

First, US Public Becoming Less Religious, a followup to the May, 2014 update of the Pew Religious Landscape Survey.

Millennials – especially the youngest Millennials, who have entered adulthood since the first Landscape Study was conducted – are far less religious than their elders. For example, only 27% of Millennials say they attend religious services on a weekly basis, compared with 51% of adults in the Silent generation. Four-in-ten of the youngest Millennials say they pray every day, compared with six-in-ten Baby Boomers and two-thirds of members of the Silent generation.

Then, second, what the PC(USA) is doing about it:

Noting the deep concern about urgent environmental challenges expressed by many commissioners at the 220th General Assembly (2014), chief executives of the six agencies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) appointed a working group to develop a joint response. The group—consisting of at least one staff member per agency—was asked to craft a positive statement of what each agency, and the agencies together, have done and plan to do regarding environmental stewardship. This document is designed to call attention to ongoing efforts by the PC(USA) to confront the underlying causes of climate change, and to resources available through the six agencies to congregations, mid councils, and other mission and ministry groups wishing to join in the effort.

An empty church can’t do anything about the environment. As C.S. Lewis said, “Aim at heaven, and you get the earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.”


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