Weekend Roundup – October 24

Pope Francis stops by the Vatican’s new homeless shelter. You can do the same this Sunday when JLP serves dinner at the Brother Francis Shelter.

Acton: Cell Phones are helping to end extreme poverty. By the end of 2015, for the first time in world history, less than 10 percent of global population will be living in extreme poverty.

Thom Rainer: Seven Great and Seven Bad First-time experiences visiting a church. (The readers’ comments are interesting too.)

Carey Nieuwhof: Five ways for a church member to quit.

Ed Stetzer: about those stats that say pastors are miserable: “pastors recognize the challenges that exist in their job, but they love the ministry and aren’t leaving it in droves.”

Tyler Cowen reviews the new book Foolproof: Why Safety Can Be Dangerous and How Danger Makes Us Safe. From the book: “most physicians do not want to run the risk of letting a patient suffer when an antibiotic could help … His research in Nepal produced the depressing finding that antibiotic resistance was highest in communities with the most doctors.”

It’s OK to be the ‘Away Team’. Christianity is being marginalized in our society. But just because you don’t have a home-team advantage doesn’t mean you can’t play to win.

German Protestants to cease evangelizing Muslims: “meeting Muslims with a missionary agenda is in direct contradiction to the spirit of orders given by Jesus and is, therefore, to be rejected.” Wait, what?

Millennial Evangelical: Have Churches been doing youth ministry wrong forever? A proposal to reduce the drop-off in church attendance between high school and college by changing children (grades K-5) and youth (grades 6-12) into students (K-8) and young adults (9-12 plus young adult). Sounds fine, but is anybody doing it? What results are they seeing?

Should a church rent its facilities? Good question.

Unlike Israel under the old covenant, there is no sacred (geographic) space at this moment in redemptive history. Your church building is not sacred, set apart, holy unto the Lord. Jesus was born in a stable, and you could, if you wanted, use your building as a cattle stall. What this means is, there are no absolute set of rules for how your building should or should not be used. Your question belongs in the “prudence” drawer.


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