Alaska Notes

An assortment from the ADN:

Willow man sought on warrant jumps off roof, flees

FBI seeks bank robbery suspect. (With pictures, and a name, which makes him a pretty good suspect, I think.)

ATV crash kills Nikiski woman.

Woman searches for husband on eve of anniversary:

Where Kevin Mitchell went when he left the family home was still unclear Thursday night. “He loved the outdoors, so that would be my best guess,” Nicole Mitchell said. … Dozens of people have joined the search, including many of Kevin’s co-workers. The family is still hoping to get help from local pilots who are willing to do aerial searches.

BLM official denies turning blind eye to mine pollution.

UAF professor teaches Catholic Church about climate change:

From 2010 to 2012 Juday served as lead scientist and trainer for Catholic Climate Covenant, a national advocacy organization that inserts Catholic voices into the conversation on climate change and pushes for the church to take an active role in the issue.

Marijuana Control Board: pot social club ban remains.

More than 30 dead walruses found on arctic coast.

since 2007, absence of sea ice in summer and fall has forced thousands of walruses to the Point Lay shoreline haulout. Crowds of walruses on the shore create dangers for the youngest of the animals. They can be crushed to death if the herd stampedes; disturbances from predators, people, aircraft and boat traffic can trigger stampedes.

Kenai bear that mauled moose hunter found dead.


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