Capitalism Undermining Indian Caste System

From Cato, an article about how the 1991 economic reforms are undermining the caste system in India (as a welcome side effect):

During the socialist days of India’s command economy, the lucky few with industrial licenses ran virtual monopolies and placed orders for supplies and logistics entirely with members of their own caste. But after the 1991 reforms opened the floodgates of competition, businesses soon discovered that to survive, they had to find the most competitive inputs. What mattered was the price of your supplier, not his caste.

This obviously benefits those in the bottom castes. About 70% of Christians in India are Dalits, the lowest caste formerly called “untouchables.”

If we truly want to give people a “hand up not a hand out,” if we want to “teach people to fish,” then instead of only complaining about capitalism, the de facto economic operating system of the world, we should think about how to leverage it to do good.


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