Links for Church Folks – July 10

New York Times: an Evangelical Revival in the Heart of New York.

The church has 2,000 members from 30 countries, many of whom come for practical as well as spiritual reasons, such as English classes and legal assistance. “They need orientation, education, they need everything,” Mr. Tiburcio said. “Many conquer the American dream, but many are underground. They don’t have a green card, they don’t have many things. As a church we are helping them.” Mr. Tiburcio and his wife started the church in Brooklyn with 10 members.

(The Luis Palau revival mentioned in the article sounds similar to the one here in Anchorage in summer of 2014.)

Erik Parker: Churches need to stop being good hosts:

Most people stopped being Christian. Many people began drifting away from church. And today, most young adults have almost no experience of church at all because their parents stopped going when they were young adults. And yet we as local churches and church leaders kept operating like all we needed to do was to be ready to welcome existing Christians into our communities. … What would hospitality without an agenda look like for us in the church? What would our hospitality look like if rather than hoping for another warm body with a pulse to join our ranks, that [we] looked upon guests as people sent to us with a message of God’s love? [And] what would it look like for us to be beloved guests sent to receive the hospitality of others?

Via Jim Doepken: Brad Brisco on the Solution for Revitalizing Churches:

The mission field is no longer located somewhere else; instead it surrounds us on every side. There is no final answer or perfect solution to transitioning the existing, dying church in a healthy direction. But if there was one—a silver bullet—it would be the formation of every church member into a missionary, and the numerous implications that has on the way we think and the way we live.

58% of senior citizens use the internet in the US. The rate for 18-29 year olds is 96%.

WaPo: Estimating candidate ideologies from their Twitter followership.

Science: Daily Galaxy: Does our galaxy cause periodic mass extinctions?

But when the Solar System passes through the crowded disc, the combined gravitational pull of visible stars, interstellar clouds, and invisible dark matter, disturbs the comets and sends some of them on alternate paths, sometimes crossing the Earth’s orbit where they can collide with the planet.

More science: Why Seahorses Have Square Tails:

a robotic seahorse tail could be a boon for safely navigating tight crevices in the human body and then performing surgery, or for exploring the crannies of a collapsed building and removing debris blocking a victim’s rescue.


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