Links for Church Folks – June 26

President Obama’s Eulogy at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston

Pope Frances asks pardon from Waldensians for past persecution. (Peter Waldo was a predecessor of Martin Luther.)

NY Times: Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide. And the PC(USA) issues statement on ruling. And, for the data-obsessed, Pew offers Five Key Facts About Same-Sex Marriage.

For a Longer Life, Get Social. “Our social habits can predict how long we’ll live.”

PC(USA) statement welcoming release of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sii. Which, Ross Douthat notes in the NY Times, goes beyond the environment.

Retired United Methodist Pastor Commits Suicide by Self-Immolation. And, in Kuwait: Man Pauses to View Worshipers, Then Blows Them Up.

Hospitality: Simple Things a First-Time Church Guest Likes. Plus, from the Lewis Center: Can New People Navigate Your Worship? And Carey Nieuwhof: What Won’t Make Your Church Grow. “We got healthier inward as we grew outward.”

Hugh Halter: Living “On Mission”

Christianity Today: Churches Less Trusted, Receive More Money

Small churches can have big impact: “the power of a church’s mission hinges on its answer to two questions: Are we looking inward or outward? Do we concentrate on what we have or what we lack? Churches of all sizes can become so fixated on their internal ABCs (attendance, buildings, cash) that they lose touch with their habitat.”


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