Breaking: Pharaohs Mummies Reveal Incest

Not really breaking news, but apparently the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were the products of incestuous unions, many of them, and so were their children. That much is know from historical accounts. But now it’s been confirmed by Science™: there’s less variation in height among the mummies that would be the case if they’d been swimming in a deeper gene pool.

Plus, this: The tallest pharaoh among those under investigation appears to be Ramses II (about 1303 – 1212 B.C.), who stood at least 173 cm (5.67 feet) and was married to Queen Nefertari-merj-em-Mut.

Rameses II is widely thought to have been the Pharaoh of the Exodus, which is to say, Yul Brenner. And when did Nefertari tack all those extra syllables on her name?


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