Weekend Roundup – May 30

In case you missed them during the week, here’s a round-up of posts by Pastor Luke on the JLP Pastor Blog:

An Electrifying Spelling Bee. Really!

11 o’clock is too late, or maybe too early: Trends in Times for Worship Gatherings.

How would you like JLP to be described? Worshipping in Anchorage.

Further evidence of how the church is failing young people.

Mission and vision: What makes for a great hunger ministry?

That goes for the recipients as well. Hope and Ministries of Compassion.

It didn’t stop with Thomas: Doubt in the Church. We shouldn’t assume that everyone in the church believes the same thing, or act unloving when they don’t.

Another roundup of news from the world of Science and Faith.

Ignore what you see on TV. It’s actually “The most peaceful time in our species’ existence.”

Some aspects aren’t complicated. More ramifications of Same-Sex Marriage.

A mess, maybe a hopeless mess: Amnesty International on Israel/Palestine.

What the UMC does for Peace with Justice Sunday

Plus a catch-all post for some interesting but Random Headline Links.


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