Worshipping in Anchorage

Chris Thompson has an interesting article in the ADN pointing out some of the different places people might worship in Anchorage.

I was particularly interested in two of his recommendations: First Presbyterian Church downtown:

This large church is on the south side of the Delaney Park Strip. Inside is a spectacular floor-to-ceiling stained glass wall with embedded religious motifs.

And St. John United Methodist Church:

On the south side of Anchorage, this large, modern Methodist church contains a large totem pole carved in the Tsimshian tradition by a retired UMC pastor, the Rev. David Frison. Called the Easter Totem, it depicts the last events in the life of Christ. Frison also carved a smaller totem called the Christmas Totem. The large totem is inside the sanctuary and copies of both totems are standing outside.

I wonder what Thompson might say about Jewel Lake Parish, if he happened to write about it. What do you think?

I have nothing against either of those churches. They have both bent over backwards to help us out at different times. But what a shame that Thompson couldn’t say anything about the impact they’re making in the community! What a tragedy when a church is known for the decorations in its facilities!


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