Science Marches On

Ed Stetzer gives three reasons for Christians to be engaged in science and points to a free ebook of essays about the intersection of faith and science from the National Association of Evangelicals.

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss — no evangelical he; he just received the “Humanist of the Year” award from the American Humanist Association — says that religion was a precursor to science:

“People point that out to me, and say, ‘You know, Newton was religious.’ The point is — well, first of all, in that time the church was the National Science Foundation. It was the only place to get an education, it was the only place to fund research.” (Video)

The science may not be settled after all: New find may dethrone Australopithecus ‘Lucy’ as the ‘Mother of Mankind.’

Current fossil evidence… clearly shows that there were at least two, if not three, early human species living at the same time and in close geographic proximity.

And not just Australopithecus. Homo habilus is on shaky ground too:

Habilis — “handy man” in Latin — has traditionally been enshrined as a benchmark of hominid smartness, endowed with a bigger brain and greater dexterity than his predecessors. But earlier hominids may have had some of his skills, if the May 20 study is right. It reported finding the world’s oldest stone tools in northwestern Kenya.


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