Random Headline Links

Seeing Hell through the Reason and Imagination of C.S. Lewis.

SourceFlix: Where David Fought Goliath.

Ed Stetzer: 20 Truths from A Field Guild to Everyday Mission. (Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of A Field Guild to Everyday Mission.) Here’s one that JLP member Sue W. would agree with:

Take—or teach—a class or lessons: do adult education, cooking, fitness, art, or whatever you’re passionate about. If there’s no class offered in an area of your skill or passion, start one.

Ed Stetzer again (he’s everywhere you want to be!): No, American Christianity is not dead. (While you’re at CNN, check out Meet the Friendly Atheists Next Door, who have a Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

How a church can cultivate greater involvement in small groups. Officially, JLP doesn’t have any small groups, but the Adult Bible Studies, the Daniel Plan Group, and Choir all have aspects of small-group-ishness.


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