Amnesty International on Israel Palestine

Amnesty International criticizes Palestinian armed groups:

Palestinian armed groups displayed a flagrant disregard for the lives of civilians by repeatedly launching indiscriminate rockets and mortars towards civilian areas in Israel during the conflict in July and August 2014, said Amnesty International in a new report published today.

Also Israel:

Israel maintained its air, sea and land blockade of Gaza, imposing collective punishment on its approximately 1.8 million inhabitants and stoking the humanitarian crisis. In the West Bank, Israeli forces carried out unlawful killings of Palestinian protesters, including children, and maintained an array of oppressive restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement while continuing to promote illegal settlements and allow Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians and destroy their property with near total impunity. Israeli forces detained thousands of Palestinians, some of whom reported being tortured, and held around 500 administrative detainees without trial.

I’m so glad to have been born far away from the Middle East.

I don’t have any solutions for those problems, and most of the proposals I hear about are less than compelling, even to me, much less people who live there. Maybe that’s why Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed. (BTW, my sermon on that passage is still online at my old website.)

Update: maybe it’s not just me who’s depressed by the situation in the Middle East. Thomas Friedman writes that “the tribal, fundamentalist mindset has triumphed, and there’s nothing for the U.S. to do about it.”


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