Another on Evangelism

Ed Stetzer writes about evangelizing nominal believers and seculars, two large blocks of people. (Remember, when you have on your evangelism hat, that wherever you say “people” you can append “Jesus loved and died to save.” So these are two large blocks of people Jesus loved and died to save.)

A Nominal knows about Christ, but doesn’t really know Christ…. He or she considers himself to be “Christian” because he isn’t Hindu…. He or she doesn’t hate God, but just doesn’t love Him with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength. …

To reach Nominals, part of our strategy must be to remind them what it’s worth to be a follower of Jesus and a part of God’s family. Part of that will include connecting them to a church so they can grow from nominalism to deeper faith.

Then there are the seculars, or “nones” (because they check “none of the above” on survey forms about religion). These are the fastest growing group in the West.

Most of us were trained to minister to a culture that had a Christian baseline, but we weren’t trained how to reach people who don’t accept the Bible as true or know about Christ. In other words, we were trained to focus on Nominals but now we increasingly need to reach Seculars.

We’ve been in a conversation about disciple-making, the Great Commission that Jesus gave to the church. What must we do to help people learn — and increasingly in our culture, to learn for the first time — about the God who loves them and wants to spend eternity with them; who lived, died, and rose for them?


2 thoughts on “Another on Evangelism

  1. I applaud your efforts! Truth-be-known, we ARE NOT in a largely Christian-based cuilture….except in certain increasingly isolated pockets of it. Loving someone who seems vastly different from you is by nature hard—and not a short-term enterprise. Rather like doing a hospitality ministry in Muslim areas, it requires a higher commitment than some Christians are willing to make. It may not seem like it is so, but I am attempting something roughly similar with my blog, BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD. Just being who God made me and loving my readers the best I can. But that won’t convince any Mission Board worth its salt of my effectiveness—if any.


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