“Town Hall” Links

Thanks to everyone who came out for the “Town Hall Meeting” last Sunday afternoon. We had a good discussion of the changes that were recently made by the PC(USA) regarding marriage. This posting is a collection of links to material that people discussed at the meeting.

JLP’s Bylaws

Article II of JLP’s Bylaws states in part:

A. This Church shall be a Union Church of The United Methodist Church and The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and shall be governed in accordance with The Book of Discipline and The Book of Order.

B. All members of the Church shall be under the discipline of the Council (see Article V) according to the bylaws agreed upon in harmony with the governing articles of the two when they coincide, and in harmony with the mandatory provisions of the governing articles of any one denomination where the other is permissive, and at the choice of the Council where they may be contradictory. [emphasis added]

Although the PC(USA) has liberalized its policy on same-sex marriage, the UMC, which has much to say about homosexuality is (presently) opposed to same-sex marriage, has not. Therefore, nothing has changed (yet) for JLP.

Same-Sex Marriage / Amendment 14-F

Arguments about the Church’s teachings about human sexuality aren’t new: a predecessor denomination published a study called “The Church and Homosexuality” study from 1978.

Wikipedia has a nice summary of Presbyterianism and Homosexuality.

The amendment that changed the PC(USA) Book of Order’s qualifications for marriage was called Amendment 14-F.

The Office of the General Assembly (OGA) published a page of information about Amendment 14-F, including several links to additional material.

The Bible

Pastor Luke asked everyone to consider what 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 teaches, especially verse 12.

Several people asked how, in light of what Scripture teaches, the church could change the definition of marriage. That page of 14F material (above) includes a Biblical and Theological Rationale.

Some frequently-mentioned passages of Scripture in discussions about homosexuality include:

Why Homosexuality is Not Like Other Sins (Desiring God)

Why Proof-Texting is Not Like Other Sins (Zach Hunt)


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